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From this sample we’ve got, it’s 50.27 Luis: Yep, found it on my form. For line 4 you just use the same number as line 1, since you didn’t have anything in lines 2 and 3. Bianca: Ok Lucho, not to look at your Payment, Credits, and Tax. Line 9 is another easy one, you just bring down the number from line 7. Bianca: In line 11a, you just subtract line 10 from line 9. Along the bottom there will be three sets of numbers. Bianca: You can use that box if you want the IRS to be able to ask someone else, like me or your parents, about anything on your taxes that isn’t clear. Bianca: You can also file electronically if you want, which means you’ll fill all this information out online through a tax preparation website, then submit the form electronically.

With the money I’ve been making at my new job I just got this new computer! On the line marked 1 on the 1040EZ, you write the dollar amount that is in box 1 of the W-2. Bianca: Ok, you won’t have anything for line 8, since you’re still in school and your mama can claim you. You always want to keep copies of your tax documents for your own records.

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First of all I might say that I am a curious person who likes to learn about everything.

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I only work one or two nights during the week, and then I work most of the weekend. The only other thing you’ll need is the form from your work, the W-2.

Since you’ve had a job for a long time now, I was wondering if you could help me figure it all out? You can just do a web search for 1040EZ and it should come right up.

Bianca: Here I pulled up this sample W-2 form to help show you what to do. You’ll just need to sign with an ink pen (no pencils! Bianca: Then make sure that you make a copy of the form if you filled it in with pen, or print a second copy if you filled it in on the computer.

Luis: Hey, actually, I’ve got a question for you if you have a few minutes? Luis: Well, last week when I got my paycheck, there was another form in the envelope. Bianca: Right, ok, so this first section is pretty self-explanatory. Since you’re not married, you don’t need to include any of the spouse information. Bianca: This next section comes straight from your W-2 form.

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