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A lot of people think I started rapping to follow in my dad's [Russell Simmons of Run DMC] footsteps, but for me it wasn't like that.

It's about not worrying about getting others' approval.17: Do you have a girlfriend?

She drove to her meeting place with Daniel and dropped Jaida to him. He talked to his fans for hours and when it was time for him to leave the fans died down and he'd left. In his head he fussed at himself for not spending that time with her.

"Take my baby inside." Daniel handed Jaida to his assistant. "Went to a restaurant and a bunch of fans showed up." She sighed. He remembered and he couldn't keep his eyes off her now.

All her friends, fam and teen celebs like her OMG Girlz groupmates (above), Diggy Simmons & Justin Combs came out to party Saturday night at a huge mansion--decorated with lifesize posters of herself.

Oh, and she copped the obligatory rich kid b-day gift....a luxury car. Zonnique made her arrival with her mom, aunts, grandmother, Tiny and brothers Domani & Massiah.

My song, "Unexpected Arrival", is about how no matter what people say or think about you, and despite any doubts people have, in the end it's just about your arrival in life.

----------------------- Porter packed a bag for Jaida and packed a bag for her shoot that she had to be too in a about a hour. Porter smiled and looked at her beautiful daughter with her big brown eyes. He has been calling and texting for you all day anyway." Jaida smiled and scooted off the bed. He watched as she walked inside the restaurant with her while he signed autographs for people. "You always had the most beautiful smile." She blushed.And was greeted with her first b-day gift--super cute tiny pups: A Since dad is spending money so foolishly, I hope he comes to his senses and helps Trayvon Martin's dad with legal expenses or whatever his parents need since they will be out of work for awhile... I like a girl who has her head on straight, but who's also a sweetheart.I just want somebody I can kick it with, like my real best friend.17: Does she have to get your family's approval?

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