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Rather, it means you have a biological preference that a transgender person doesn't happen to fit.White also tells trans people, who make up a small percentage of the population, that they can't expect the rest of society to adapt to them, pointing out that people born with only one leg, or deaf, have no expectation of being catered to.I predict lots of cake, hopefully a Charlie dance off or two and Mac catching the bouquet.As for the “disturbing discovery” the gang makes, I was hoping maybe Maureen is a dude, which would come back to haunt Dennis, especially since he made fun of Mac all those times for dating a tranny, but it looks like the big surprise is that Maureen is marrying one of the Mc Poyle brothers, even better; milk for everyone!!There is a particular type of cruelty directed to gender non-conforming / transfeminine people that is not challenged (let alone acknowledged).This is because centering this type of violence would require us to challenge gender binary thinking itself -- not just "men."Existing visibly on the internet as a gender non-conforming/transfeminine person is to have to constantly normalize and become accustomed to routine hostility-- is to always be assumed as fabulous and triumphant -- to never be allowed to hurt because you only exist as an aesthetic object to inspire others (not keep yourself alive).

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But -- as always -- these discussions of "gender and social media" tend to only focus on the experiences of binary and cisgender women.It looks like the season of bringing back old characters/storylines continues as we get to witness Maureen Ponderosa getting married… The first marriage didn’t work out so well since Dennis is kind of a dick, and she has a nasty dead tooth that only a mother could love.But apparently someone else loves her disgusting dead tooth, that makes her mouth smell like a rotting sea bass, because the gang ends up crashing her wedding tonight.I'm not going to say that a tranny is a car part not a transsexual person.That person on Tyra was not a guy she was/is a transsexual woman and her boyfriend is straight.

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